About Us

Tembea Kwa Matumaini Organisation wants to become a center of excellence known for progressive and transformational human development programs.

We recognize the effort made by the government to resolve those problems but the government alone can’t resolve it, therefore we decided to join our effort so as we can help our government to resolve these problems.

Our Approach

We work with purpose. We approach everything we do with importance and intensity because lives depend on our work.


To be an organization that builds local community efforts in the struggle of poverty alleviation.


TEMBEA KWA MATUMAINI ORGANISATION’s mission is to facilitate a non-political movement for positive social change and community empowerment through mass literacy, enhanced quality of education, universal primary healthcare and grassroots economic development. We are the ambassadors for these people and we ensure their integral human development by being a network for organizations, companies and individuals that gives them opportunities to support the people in an effective way.

Our Values

  • Our success comes from serving our people with humility and respecting our relationships with our internal and external partners.
  • We will consistently conduct ourselves in a manner which displays honesty, integrity, commitment and credibility.
  • We will continuously strive to be the best in everything we do.
  • We are driven by our commitment to helping others help themselves.


The objectives for which TEMBEA KWA MATUMAINI ORGANISATION is established are to: – Centralize and monitor activities of people in Tanzania.

  • Identify immediate needs for the people and put up projects to satisfy these needs.
  • Put up visions, short term and long term goals together with the people and help them pursue these goals.
  • Assure education and support of the children
  • Be the people ambassador and connect them to sponsors and donators.
  • Raise funds to sponsor the projects for the people and help them improve their standards.
  • To help the government institutions deliver the best services to the people